We are continuously looking for ways to improve the homes we build. Whilst continuing to innovative we are always careful not to introduce new ideas until we are happy that any new features with live up to our customers expectations. Below are some new features we have introduced!

Underfloor central heating

Although this technology has been around for a number of years now, it had only really found a market in the self build sector, in the main due to cost. With costs having come down we have been trialing the system for robustness, comfort and economy of fuel bills!

The system is now being used more and more in our developments having received excellent feedback from our customers.

Bi Folding Doors

Many homeowners have been improving their homes by installing Internal and External Bi-folding doors, creating versatile usage of space and opening up their houses to use their gardens as additional living space. We are now incorporating these ideas to a number of our new properties.

Glass Walls and Doors

We have all seen in magazines, restaurants and hotels, the stunning effect such features can have. Marque Homes are one of the first to introduce such features into the domestic home.

We have found it can modernise Historic properties without the loss of light, whilst maintaining room proportions and preserving existing heritage features.

Stabilised Gravel Drives and Access Roads.

With the need to ensure rainwater from our developments does not find its way into rivers that are already swollen by heavy rainfall that has been experienced in recent years. Marque homes have been looking for new technology to overcome this problem whilst still providing aesthetically pleasing surfaces. This solution has been found in the use of stabilised gravel. The system has been used extensively on our Oaklands Development, not even a cupful of rain water has reached the sewers or rivers.